Yanco Public School

Towards a better world.

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About our school

Yanco Public School, a proud member of the Leeton Community of Schools, is located in the rural village of Yanco, approximately five kilometres south of Leeton, the gateway to the vibrant Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

Current enrolment for 2020 is 48 students with 14 students in K.1, 16 students in Stage 1/2 classroon and 18 students in the Stage 2/3 classroom.

The school is classified as a TP2 with a Teaching Principal, two full-time classroom teachers, 4 part-time teachers, two School Learning Support Officers, one part-time School Administration Manager, one part-time School Chaplain and one part-time General Assistant.

Students are organised into three classes,  Early Stage 1/Stage 1 (Kinder & Year 1), Stage 1/Stage 2 (Years 2 & 3 and some Year 4) and Stage 2/3 (some Year 4, Years 5 & 6).

In addition a Transition Program  operates every Friday, providing Early Learning Experiences for 3-5 year olds and preparing them for the school environment. This program is run by Mrs Kara Kroek and supported by Mrs Linda Milthorpe.

Students actively participate in a wide range of sport, social activities and the performing arts.

Supported by strong community involvement and an active and hard-working P&C, the school provides a happy, safe and caring environment in which to learn and work.

Our school: encourages its students to do their personal best in all activities; provides an environment that is safe, stimulating, ordered and well presented; promotes self discipline and concern for others; and believes that education is based on the needs of the individual and the development of relationships with the wider community.