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Using technology at Yanco Public School

A major upgrade of technology has been undertaken over the past two years at Yanco Public School. This has included:

  • The installation of a  wireless network  to service all classrooms within the school.
  • The purchase and installation of 10 notebook computers.
  • The purchase and installation of new desktop computers in the K/1/2 classroom.
  • The installation and replacement of computers in the computer laboratory.
  • The purchase of a set of 20 ipads.

Software for home use

Software can be very expensive. However there is a lot of very good quality software available on the Internet for free. Here are some links for you to download your free software.

  • OpenOffice - compatible with Microsoft Office but free.
  • PaintdotNet - a great graphics program instead of Adobe Paintshop
  • Scribus - a desktop publishing program instead of Microsoft Publisher

Links for students

Students can click on these links for sites that they use at school.

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